I write short stories, poems and lyrics.
I have bigger projects of longer tales,
But I focus on the smaller ones for the moment.
I try to translate them in english to share them with the world.
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Memory of a storm

It was an awesome day like any other, except that day the sky was bleeding.
But we could not see the sky. It was hidden by gigantic dark clouds, and it rumbled.
Remember, I was like crazy,
You would have said I was drunk, or had took too much of the secret powder.
I hopped across the house in the middle of the desert, and at the sound of thunder I went out.
And because you loved me, you followed me outside.
And the wind blew, and the rain lashed our thin bodies in the storm.
Remember, I was older than you, taller and faster, and of course I was crazy,
So quickly I was no more than a silhouette in the distance, a shadow in the hurricane.
Remember how I was shouting with joy, and how you begged me to wait for you.
Remember how the brightness of lightning tore the sky.
Remember the flash that blinded you for a moment, and made me rise higher than anything,
And removed me for ever from your eyes.
Remember the warm wind, the ardent rain, and the sweet sound of thunder.
Remember that day, when I was struck by lightning.